Feldenkrais® has helped:


·       Those in pain

·       Athletes and weekend warriors

·       Musicians, dancers, artists, actors

·       Seniors

·       Stressed out folks

·       Those with movement problems



You might consider The Feldenkrais Method® when alignment or muscular release doesn’t ‘hold’, when other approaches fail, or when a gentler approach is needed.



Freedom from Pain

          Most of the people who come to the Feldenkrais Method® seek relief from pain. Many have been in pain for a long time and have tried several other methods. Experience an increasing ease and efficiency in what you do, understand what you may be doing to inhibit this, and be able to recognize the ‘clues’ that lead to improvement. Students report reduced pain, greater range of motion and increased vitality.


Stress Relief

          Stress causes rigid habits that inhibit freedom. These lessons provide a relaxing environment for learning to let go of tensions. Students discover movement patterns that are restricting them. Breathing becomes fuller, blood pressure can drop and even digestion can improve.


Rehabilitation from movement disorders

          Improvements can be made in coordination and self use by readjusting the way we organize for movement. By stimulating underused pathways, strengthening and clarifying others, improvements can be made in activities of daily living and walking.


Improved Performance in Sports and in the Arts      

Today, many people recognize the role exercise plays in reducing stress and improving health. But regular exercise and stretching may simply reinforce bad habits. Rather than superimposing new habits on old, or attempting to control actions by exerting force and willpower, the Feldenkrais Method® works to readjust the control mechanism in the nervous system.


Work smarter not harder.






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