“I always feel great after Madeline’s class. One day I saw my chiropractor right after class. She asked what I had been doing differently because for the first time my pelvis was in line and my sacrum was where it should be. I told her about class and she was amazed at what a difference it made in my alignment. Now she is thinking about taking the class.”    Pat Y., yoga teacher





Madeline is a master teacher.  For many years, she taught me HOW to move within the confines of some life-long issues that challenged my ability to walk.  Her lessons helped my alignment, fluidity, balance, and pain in my knees and feet.  Under Madeline's gentle touch, she taught my body how to become more intentionally aware of even the smallest every-day movements. 

Her style reflects both exquisitely developed kinesthetic intelligence and deep intuition.  She also brings a solid foundation of physiology as her original training was in physical therapy.  I consider Madeline a gift, and unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone seeking to increase more knowledge about themselves.     
Lynn N., Ph.D., educational psychologist





I can’t recommend Madeline highly enough!   She worked with me to alleviate my sciatica and knee pain.  Madeline’s knowledge of so many different techniques makes her the ideal person to work with.    Cindy G., Association Executive



I am a regular in Madeline’s “Awareness Through Movement” classes—and will be forever—because the gentle techniques we learn and practice in the classes help me to move without injuring myself.  Whenever I consciously use what I’ve learned, I bend more easily, lift things more easily and open doors without strain.  It feels like everything in my body fits together better.


I always book an appointment with Madeline before I go on a trip.  Having her give me a “tune up,”  ie, making sure everything is properly aligned, allows me to reach my destination without developing pain in my back or my knees.


For years, I couldn’t lift my right arm above shoulder height.  Then my doctor recommended Madeline and Feldenkrais.  Now I can lift my arm above my head!  Christy B., Lamaze instructor


 “I first heard of the Feldenkrais Method five years ago when a friend encouraged me to see her “amazing” physical therapist, who restored the use of her hand and leg through an intriguing movement technique.  At the time I was desperately seeking relief from fibromyalgia, which emerged after suffering whiplash and back injuries in a rear end collision in 1989.


I pursued several therapeutic approaches with a variety of practitioners to reduce intense muscular pain, stiffness, and fatigue due to digestive and endocrine imbalances.   While some issues improved, others would not budge and I met intense pain face to face daily, unable to get out from under it.  My ability to pursue even basic activities in and outside the home were frequently interrupted or limited by pain and mobility issues.


Today, as a result of a wonderful healing journey with Madeline, I live a new life free from debilitating pain."      Melissa M., jewelry designer

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