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Other services: Physical Therapy


As a physical therapist, Madeline is certified under the Direct Access provisions of Virginia health law to evaluate and treat you for 60 days before a prescription is needed from a doctor.

She will utilize other tools to address your difficulties (besides The Feldenkrais Method®) if needed, primarily:



Strain Counterstrain , a gentle forms of positional release in which tender points are ‘turned off’, allowing the nervous system to ‘reset’ the gain on the muscle’s tension thereby improving  skeletal alignment and decreasing pain.

Fascial Strain/Counterstrain, to improve fascial tissue glide and release restrictions of the structures within it ( arteries, nerves, lymphatics, etc.)


Back Education Training, for improvement of postural support, proper core activation, and to decrease episodes of back pain.


CranioSacral Therapy, a way to improve deep fascial tissue mobility that can impede motion through the central core skeleton and dural tube.


Mechanical Link, developed by Paul Chauffour, D.O. which addresses all the body systems (i.e., skeletal, circulatory, visceral, etc.) in an integrated fashion through their fascial connections.


Visceral Mobilization, to encourage appropriate organ motility and mobility. Attention is given to ligamentous and fascial attachments as well as stimulating the organ motion itself.


Madeline is not a ‘participating provider’ with any insurance plans. Payment is expected at time of service. Credit cards are not accepted at this time. You will receive all necessary paperwork but will need to file yourself.



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